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Leasing of Lake Leasing of Land Disciplinary Matters

   Sl No. Order No. Date Language Subject Period Size Download
  1. AHF 59 SFS 2019 04.05.2019 KANNADA 2019-20 Release of Grants  - 1.46MB Download
  2. AHF 52 SFS 2019 15.04.2019 KANNADA 2019-20 Scheme continuation  - 8.58 MB Download 
   3. AHF 116 SFS 2018  19.07.2019 KANNADA

Administrative sanction for the construction of a floating jetty at Malpei fishing harbor and a waste treatment plant at Malpe harbor in Dakshinakanda, Mangalore and Udupi districts.

4.12 MB  Download
  4. AHF 116 SFS 2019 19.07.2019 KANNADA Administrative sanction for encouraging prawn and fish farming in inland and backwater resources available for the year 2019-20 - 4.12 MB Download  

AHF E-54 FSFS 2019



2019-20 on the release of second installment grants under 2404 fisheries and 4405-fisheries capital expenditures.

- 163 KB Download  

AHF E-19    FSFS 2019



Central Award Scheme for the implementation of Comprehensive Fisheries Development and Management Plan for the year 2018-19

  145 KB Download  

AHF 20    FSFS 2019

22.10.2019  KANNADA

About the transfer of 5% of Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation to Mr. H. S.,  Veerappa Gowda, Director of Fisheries,          Mr. Ramakrishna, Director of Fisheries

   69 KB Download  
  8  AHF E-104   FSFS  2019  24.10.2019


Fisheries Department Accounting for 2019-20 on the release of third-party grants under 2404 fisheries and 4405-fisheries capital expenditures. 

   169 KB Download   
  9 AHF  123 SFS 2018 22.11.2019


Name of the work as in Government of Order As in NABARD

  128 KB  Download   
  10 AHF  147 SFS 2018 07-01-2020  KANNADA

Fisheries through Commercial and Regional Rural Banks Regarding the waiver of the balance of repayment to banks for the 2-year interest rate for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19, as well as for the 2018-19 season at zero interest rates.

  5755  KB   Download   

AHF  67 SFS 2018

17-01-2020 KANNADA

About the implementation of a unit called "Merchant Plan" from 2018-19

  2700 KB Download 

AHF  E-104 SFS 2019

 05-02-2020  KANNADA

4th  installment grants release under 2405-Fisheries for the year 2019-20

  3830  KB  Download 

AHF  E-104 SFS 2019

06-03-2020 KANNADA

Accounting Title of the Department of Fisheries for the year 2019-2020 entitled “Release of grants of Rs.129.75 lakhs for the fourth installment under 2405-Fisheries.

  118 KB Download

AHF  E-190 SFS 2016

06-03-2020 KANNADA

Regarding the administrative sanction for the revised estimate of Rs.602.00 lakhs Emergency dredging in the undeveloped area and harbor of Honnavar fishing harbor in Uttara Kannada district.

  150 KB Download

AHF E-53 FSFS 2020

13-03-2020 KANNADA

Varta Bharati on advertising for the 17th Annual Special Day of Kannada daily.

  74 KB Download

AHF E-147 FSFS 2018

17-03-2020 KANNADA

For setting up of a committee to exempt fishermen through commercial and regional rural banks at 2% interest rates for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19 as well as for repayment to banks at zero interest rates for the year 2018-19.

  141  KB  Download 

AHF E-10 FSFS 2019

17-03-2020 KANNADA

About the supply of kerosene at rated rates to motorized yachts in the state's coastal districts.

  123  KB  Download 

AHF E-184 FSFS 2013

18-03-2020 KANNADA

Forming a committee to oversee the construction of fishing harbor at Hejamadi Kodi in Udupi District under the Central Award Scheme.

   215  KB  Download 

AHF E-104 FSFS 2019

19-03-2020 KANNADA

Accounting Title of the Department of Fisheries for the year 2019-20 “On the release of grants of Rs.37.50 lakhs for the fourth installment under 2405-Fisheries.

   110  KB  Download

AHF E-58 FSFS 2020

20-03-2020 KANNADA

Renovation of the Harangi Fish Pond Production Center at Kodagu District, Somavarapete.

   81  KB   Download 

AHF E-69 FSFS 2017

20-04-2020 KANNADA

Out of the 3000 houses which have been granted administrative sanction to be implemented by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation in the year 2017-18, the remaining 2957 households have not been implemented.Granting Implementation through Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation, Mangalore

  132  KB  Download 

AHF E-108 FSFS 2020

28-05-2020 KANNADA

About the release of state share grants under the Union Accredited Fishermen's Accident Insurance Scheme / Prime Minister's Protective Insurance Scheme.

  113  KB Download

AHF E-11 FSFS 2020

28-02-2020 KANNADA

Regarding administrative approval for various projects under the National Agricultural Development Plan.

  255 KB Download

AHF E-69 FSFS 2017

16-06-2020 KANNADA

About the redistribution of 2570 houses allotted to the fishermen under the aquarium scheme for the year 2018-19.

  183  KB Download

AHF E-102 FSFS 2020

16-06-2020 KANNADA

Upgrading the Fisheries Department's ongoing state level and central award schemes for the year 2020-21.

  1337 KB Download

AHF E-123 FSFS 2020

07-07-2020 KANNADA

The first issue of the Department of Fisheries for the Year 2020-21, 2405-00-103-0-23-100, on the availability of grants currently available at Rs.2,275.00.

  1453 KB Download  

AHF E-130 FSFS 2020

08-07-2020 KANNADA

About the supply of kerosene at ration rates for motorized yachts in the state's coastal districts.

  183 KB Download
  28 AHF E-131 FSFS 2020 08-07-2020 KANNADA

About the creation of a State and District Level Committee to implement the Central Honorable Prime Minister's Merchant Plan (PMMSY).

  2934 KB Download
  29 AHF E-184 FSFS 2013 24-08-2020 KANNADA

About the grant of funds for the construction of a fishing harbor at Hejamadi Kodi in Udupi district under the Central Award Scheme.

  98  KB Download
  30 AHF E-144 FSFS 2020 29-08-2020 KANNADA

Shri Ramacharya, Director of Fisheries (Prabhara), in the name of Sri Ramakrishna, Director of Fisheries, 5% of Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation

  69  KB Download
  31 AHF E-140 FSFS 2020 31-08-2020 KANNADA
Administrative sanction to carry out the work of the Koderi fishing harbor.
  90 KB  Download
  32 AHF E-114 FSFS 2020 31-08-2020 KANNADA
Koderi Rs .2.00 crore fishing harbor in Udupi district at an estimated cost to carry out the development work on the principle of giving approval.
  85 KB  Download
    AHF-E-86 SFM 2020 03-02-2021 KANNADA     996 KB Download
    AHF-E-89 SFM 2020 06-02-2021 KANNADA     899 KB Download
    AHF-E-24 SFM 2019 08-02-2021 KANNADA     551 KB Download
    AHF-E-54 SFM 2020 03-03-2021 KANNADA     791 KB Download
    AHF E – 113 SFM 2020 28-04-2021 KANNADA
About the renewal of the lease term of the Kodavur village of Udupi Taluk, leased to the business of Mrs. Manorama Madhvaraj, Md. Coronet Fish Mill and Oil Company (now Raj Fish Mill and Oil Company) Malpe, a 0.52-acre department in Survey No.262 / 1C1.
  01 MB Download 
    AHF E- 50 SFM 2021 05-05-2021 KANNADA
Order No: AHF E-54 SFM 2020, Date: 03.03.2021 Order No. 7-8 of the Order No. Rs.32-00 (Thirty-Two Rupees only) Rs. 90-00 (Ninety rupees only) should be read.
  204 KB  Download 
    AHF-E-30 SFM 2021 13-05-2021 KANNADA
3rd stage of Malpe mining harbor Primary Multipurpose Cooperative Society of Nadipadam and Mechanical Boat Fishermen in Baputota Area Malpe is about to get a 700 lease for the construction of his plant and cold storage plant on lease.
  35 KB Download
    AHF-E-45 SFM 2021 13-05-2021 KANNADA
Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District Cooperative Fish Marketing Federation on Mangalore Leasing of 20 year lease space 376 sq.ft. area for drinking water for boats through 3 cooperative societies in Malpe port.
  793 KB Download 
    AHF-E-62 SFM 2021 07-06-2021 KANNADA
The Covid-19 pandemic is widespread across the state and the relief package for fishermen from distressed inland and coastal districts has been announced.
  959 KB Download
     AHF-E-10 SFM 2021  11-06-2021  KANNADA  On the survey number 28 and 29 at the bottom of the Bhadra reservoir, at least 8 acres 22 ponds were constructed for the construction of a water purification plant for Chikkamagalur district.    2 MB Download
     AHF-E-38 SFM 2021 21-06-2021 KANNADA  To approve the conditions and regulations to be followed when leasing out selected reservoirs in the State to "float cages for fish farming".    2 MB Download
     AHF-E-19 SFM 2021 29-06-2021 KANNADA  On leasing the 180 sq.ft lease for the construction of a corporation's diesel plot and semolina tank at Mangalore Fisheries Harbor.   844 KB  Download
     AHF-E-55 SFM 2021 05-07-2021 KANNADA  Kodavoor Village Survey no. Shri Sanjiva Maidan, Department of Mulpi Fish Processing Center, 262 / C1 Marine Ice Plant and Cold Storage Fish Curing yard   904 KB  Download


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